University Educational Circle, Riga (LT)

University Educational Circle (UEC) is a training and research organization working in close cooperation with educational institutions all over Europe to manage seminars on citizenship, team building, entrepreneurial competences and inclusive education. UEC represents a team of highly qualified experts in education with expertise in design of methodologies in teacher education and vocational education. The trainers of UEC have published about 70 articles on different aspects of education, have designed and implemented learning materials, exchanged experience and best practices, developed activities that increase the awareness of EU. The staff at UEC have experience as teacher trainers and researchers in the field of school, vocational education and adult education. Researchers and trainers of UEC have been managing international projects or project subgroups.

In this project, UEC is responsible for organizing five days teacher training courses on:

-European Diversity Education: deals with school failure, language diversity and other kinds of diversity, with promoting inclusion and intercultural competence.

-Inclusion in European Context: deals with including students with different functional disorders in learning process. Inclusion is one of the priorities of the EU's policy Education and Training 2020.

-European Entrepreneurship Education and Creativity: Entrepreneurship is one of the key objectives of the EU's policy Education and Training 2020 Creativity is one of the key objectives of the EU's policy Education and Training 2020.

-European Project Management.

-Digital classroom.

UEC will organize and deliver the training activities (lectures, workshops, school visits, meeting successful entrepreneurs). In addition, UEC team will  organize different working-social events for communication and networking, such as school visits and meetings to exchanging teaching practices, and didactical experiences in Riga.