Professional development at ITET Pio La Torre

European international mobility is a well defined part of the professionalization plan of ITET “Pio La Torre” for its organization and teaching staff. In this view, international courses are surely preferable, because the teachers would be engaged to work in a multicultural environment, stimulating the constructive interplay among participants coming from all over the Europe with similar needs.  The comparative analysis between different problematic situations encountered in several European school contexts will bring about to a positive sharing of solutions.

The participation of a selected group of teachers to a specific training course would contribute to develop their intercultural competences, learn and practice strategies and understand important concepts for dealing with different students' needs. This group of highly motivated teachers would realize important interventions in order to support those pupils with significant difficulties in studying and developing their personality. In particular, the following issues would be addressed:

  - Promotion of a successful education, by guarantying to each student to express his own potential within personalized learning paths which take care of all diversity needs.

  - Reduction of the disadvantage of the pupils through the promotion of experiences of self esteem and self efficacy.

  - Support family and stakeholders involvement, by creating suitable learning opportunities which can be able to lower the condition of isolation, construct and valorise educational links between the school, families and society.

The improvement of pedagogical competences of our teachers on social, cultural and linguistic diversity will help our school to communicate and spread the concept of the value of  intercultural diversity within an European dimension, both in everyday school activities and in forthcoming international projects.