Italian Teachers at International Projects Centre, Exeter (UK)

Participants: Nicoletta Salmeri, Milena Vela, Daniela Candiotta, Giovanna Lo verde, Rosaria Gualato, Lia Sunseri, Domenico Tasca, Vincenzo Fontana, Carmelina Meli, Marina Leggio, 

The participants to IPC courses will be able to: 

- Articulate how CLIL could be reflected in a school’s vision and mission statements, and in planning and public

relations documents.

- Foster the integration of the CLIL programme into school life (e.g., resource choices, action research, assemblies or other school events).

- Represent the interests of the CLIL programme and of the students when participating in school meetings, and other forms of professional dialogue. 

- Design and apply evaluation and assessment tools (tests, stakeholder surveys, portfolios, rubrics, etc.).

- Communicate using contemporary social registers.

- Adjust social and academic registers of communication according to the demands of a given context.

- Read subject material and theoretical texts.

- Use appropriate subject-specific terminology and syntactic structures.

- Conceptualise whilst using the target language.

- Use target language in:

  + group management;

  + time management;

  + classroom noise management;

  + giving instructions;

  + managing interaction;

  +managing co-operative work;

  + enhancing communication.

- Use own oral language production as an effective tool for teaching.